Buy Kratom In 2022 – Top 5 Sites to Buy Kratom Online – Washington City Paper

Buy Kratom In 2022 – Top 5 Sites to Buy Kratom Online – Washington City Paper

The demands of daily life cause many people to search for a solution to chronic pain, anxiety, withdrawal symptoms, and stress. Prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements can sometimes help, but they often come hand in hand with negative side effects. The Mitragyna speciosa tree offers a powerful alternative to traditional medicine, and the kratom strains derived from it can assist with everything from opioid withdrawal to pain.

As kratom and kratom powders become more popular, it’s challenging to sort through the hundreds of kratom vendors to find high-quality, trustworthy products. With so many ways to buy kratom online, we’ve created this informative guide on the best places to buy kratom. 

The Best Places to Buy Kratom Online 

1. Super Speciosa – Editor’s Choice: Best Kratom & Selection

When it comes to well-established kratom vendors dedicated to providing transparency and excellence in all their products, Super Speciosa is at the top of our list. This kratom vendor provides all kratom users with access to diverse kratom strains of the highest quality kratom including red, white, and green vein options. As a GMP-certified brand affiliated with the American Kratom Association, you can feel good about shopping with Super Speciosa. 

When you shop at Super Speciosa, you’ll be able to choose from numerous types of high-quality kratom powder, including green, Maeng Da, red vein, Thai, Bali, Borneo, Malay, and sample sets that include multiple powders. All the pure kratom products they sell are available in resealable bags and sachets to ensure freshness and convenience. 


Super Speciosa is a kratom vendor that provides a diverse range of kratom leaves and products, including everything from Green Malay kratom powder to kratom tea bags. Each type of powdered kratom comes with information explaining the mitragynine content, the alkaloid content, third-party test results, and how to use it. As the best kratom vendor on our list, Super Speciosa tests all powders for heavy metals, fillers, and contaminants.  

Buying kratom from Super Speciosa is different than buying from lower-quality vendors because they never rely on fillers or other organic material to make up the volume in their bags. Instead, they only use kratom leaves harvested from reputable farms and processes to provide a variety of pleasant effects. Each Super Speciosa kratom product is sold by weight, and they offer a five-powder “flight” that lets you try numerous high-quality kratom strains for a low price. 


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